About me

I am a third year PhD graduate student in the Department of Mathematics of Iowa State University. I completed
my Bachelor's degree at The University of Texas Pan-American in 2009.

During my stay at Iowa State I have taken the following courses

MATH 501 Intro to Real Analysis (Fall 2010)
MATH 510 Linear Algebra (Fall 2010)
MATH 557 Ordinary Differential Equations (Fall 2010)
MATH 511 Complex Analysis (Spring 2011)
MATH 562 Numerical Analysis II (Spring 2011)
MATH 519 Methods of Applied Math I (Fall 2011)
MATH 610 Finite Elements Seminar (Fall 2011)
MATH 561 Numerical Analysis I (Fall 2011)
MATH 517 Finite Difference Methods (Spring 2012)
MATH 520 Methods of Applied Math II (Spring 2012)
MATH 515 Real Analysis I (Audited) (Fall 2012)
MATH 655 Partial Differential Equations (Fall 2012)
AER E 574 Optimal Control (Spring 2013)
MATH 516 Real Analysis II (Spring 2013)